Intel Tiger Lake: New high-end CPU for notebooks early 2021?

Rumors say Intel will release early 2021 Tiger Lake-H for notebooks. With eight cores and PCI-Express 4.0 the CPU manufacturer could have a potent answer to AMD's Renoir in the backhand.

The name Tiger Lake has so far mainly been used in the context of U-models. A maximum of four cores and a TDP of 15 to 28 watts would probably not be enough to compete with high-end models in the notebook sector. Now, however, the rumor mill delivers hints for Tiger Lake-H with eight cores and PCI-Express 4.0. Leaker @momomo_us delivers the data with reference to the ODM manufacturer Compal, which produces notebooks for various OEMs.

According to info on laptopsunder30000 site, the CPUs could come onto the market in early 2021 as high-end chips for notebooks. With eight cores, the number of computing hearts would be doubled compared to Tiger Lake-U, which is scheduled to be launched in early September. As with the U series, the H models would use Willow Cove cores and Intel's much-cited Xe graphics. Whether new NUCs based on Tiger Lake-H are also planned remains to be seen. According to an older roadmap, which was also drawn up by the company, there should be no major changes to the NUC platform for the time being.

PCIe 4.0 for the SSD
The memory connection also seems to be exciting, because according to the diagram, Tiger Lake-H provides four lanes according to PCI Express 4.0 for an M.2 SSD. Compared to AMD's Renoir, which only supports version 3.0, this would definitely be an advantage. However, AMD could already have Renoir successor Cezanne in the mobile sector at the beginning of 2021. It remains to be seen which features this generation supports. Rumor has it that Cezanne already exists in A0 stepping and will continue to use Vega on the GPU side.

According to Leak, Tiger Lake-H should support DDR4 memory as before, but not LPDDR4 and the brand new LPDDR5. These memory types are only supported by the U-variant. Details about Tiger Lake-U will probably follow on August 17th with this year's Hot Chips. Whether or not you'll be able to find out more about Tiger Lake-H then remains open.